Ok ladies, especially those with hashis/hypothyroidism, listen up! As you know having hashis gives you dry, brittle, terrible hair that sucks. I normally have it pulled back in a bun to keep it from falling out and because it keeps it less tangled therefore easier to brush creating less breakage. I’ve been trying various products like keratin shampoo/conditioner, coconut oil, etc. They’ve helped some but it was still dry and gross so I still kept it pulled back. 

While browsing the hair aisle yesterday for some new hair spray I found this rinse off treatment from Herbal Essences and holy hell is it AMAZING! I used it this morning for the first time and my hair smells like unicorn babies and feel amazing. I took the hair selfie after getting back from class/walking around campus on this super windy fall day and there is not a single tangle in it. It is still soft, silky, and how it used to be. My hair is flowy again and I’m actually happy to parade around campus and work with it down.

The directions are super simple -> wash your hair, put the treatment on from root to tip, do the rest of your shower, then rinse off. It also says to only do it once a week. It kind of looks like pudding and is silky to the touch, it washed out easily too which was a concern for me. 

Since it hasn’t even been a day I can’t say if it’s doing anything for the brittleness but boy oh boy was it a big drink of moisture for my hair. It hasn’t been this soft since who knows how long. 

10/10 would recommend.